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Seafood and health

Seafood and health: Seafood is an important thing for a healthy diet. It contains high protein, essential nutrients , Omega – 3 fatty acids and low fat . Therefore , a balance diet includes many types of seafood will bring a healthy heart for adults and the rational development for children. With women, especially children should have seafood on the daily menu because they include a lot of nutritional benefits .


Eating seafood is really good for health because it is rich in natural vitamins and minerals.

A good source of protein for the body

Nutritional Sciences said: seafood supply a large amounts of protein that help slow the aging process , easy to eat , easy to digest .

Prevent of depression

In the modern life , the issue of security , job, economy , smoke , dust , noise … make the depression more seriously due to long stress. Many researchers said depression is related to low concentration of omega-3 in the body. Meanwhile seafood contain the significant mount of omega – 3, especially DHA can fill the this shortage to reduce and prevent depression. Moreover, seafood also reduce the risk of dementia , Alzheimer’s. Several studies have shown that, if pregnant women eat more seafood maternity period will help their child has high IQ.

Enhance eyesight

The seafood especially fish oil are rich in omega 3, vitamin A. So, if you eat seafood regularly will enhance eyesight. If you eat seafood regularly can improve the status of macular degeneration in the elder.

Provide vitamin D, good for lung

When the body is shortage in vitamin D, the lung function will reduce drastically . Many researchers have demonstrated that seafood can supply the large percentage of vitamin D so it is very useful for people with lung diseases, asthma .

Good for the Heart

Omega-3 in seafood help prevent the risk of heart disease, reduce the mount of triglycerides fat and cholesterol in blood. Therefore, to prevent heart disease we should eat seafood from 2 times / week or more.

Seafood contain minerals, iron and zinc, which is the raw materials for blood production process to help prevent and treat anemia. If we regularly eat seafood will help increase the body’s hemoglobin levels.

Healthy glowing skin thanks to seafood

Fish oil has a lot of omega 3 and protein. Protein helps slow the natural aging process and promote the production of collagen in the body. Thus, seafood maintain a youthful skin. The different types of seafood in your diet, you will maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Maintain strong bones

Seafood is rich in calcium that ensure the reliable and healthy bones. In fact , if you are considered that seafood is an important part in your daily diet, the problems relating to joint pain, arthritis will decrease clearly. In addition, protein in seafood  also help to strengthen the muscles.

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